The GFs: Incursii, Weak and Stronk Atrons, Voting

Things have been quiet around here as I haven’t had much time to fly, but there have been a few good fights… and my sec status is thousandths of a point from true -5.0.

Atron v. Noobtron

The award for best attitude goes to Clank Guerilla, who after getting killed by another Frosty the day before, convo’d me in Melmaniel last week asking for a 1v1 – Atron v. Atron. Sure, I say, and we met at a planet.

Clank died, fast. Very low skills but not awful fit for a new player. He asked good questions, listened to the answers, and I let his pod go after giving him some tactical and fitting advice.

A short while later, Clark has reshipped and is asking for another go. Mais bien sur I say, Sure enough, the second fight is longer and he does much better, having up-sized his rails, switched from disruptor to scram and added a web and plate. He still died, but was smart enough to warp his pod out quick (I told him I wasn’t going to spare his pod the second time 🙂 ).

Chatted some more after that and invited him to think about joining Stay Frosty if he liked the taste of PVP he got. 🙂

T2 Frigs v. Tristans

Not much to say about these two Tristans – Deltron Zi did most of the work, but I got to play with a new Taranis he had given me and that was fun.

Derpasaurus Rex

So, the Taranis was hugely fun to fly, has the resources for triple Neutron Blasters and is fast fast fast. But it soon died… to an explorer Heron of all things. Sad face. Stupidly had MWD fit, and between being scrammed and TD’d, couldn’t use the ‘ceptor’s speed nor could I hit the side of a barn. Thankfully, got the pod out and Holly avenged me a minute later.

Still Deltron did tell me I should go get it exploded, so I’m grateful for the gift and the encouragement not to waste it in a hangar. 🙂

Atron v. Incursus

Basic Atron versus tanky Incursus, but he wasn’t dual-repped and that (and the twin nano pumps) probably saved me, while he died and I tried to put out the flames on my hull. I had pulled range a bit when I landed (due to poor orbit range settings, not cause I’m like.. smart) and it caused him to pulse his MWD a couple times and take a lot more damage. Bob smiles on the stupid, and I collected a bit of loot and then extinguished the fires at a nearby station.

Atron v. Stronker Atron

Warped in on this Atron in a plex, switching from Null to Navy AM on the way in. Landed at around 5k, and immediately took holy hell damage. It went downhill from there, and I am again grateful to whoever taught me to use my Warpout overview tab.

I switched to AM while he switched to Null and took out my shield in 2 volleys, then ate my armor much faster than I could rep, twin nano pumps or no. pop. Convo’d afterwards, and his fit was almost identical to mine, but the Null plus a 3% turret damage implant simply overpowered me. Good lessons.

LOL-fit Incursus v. Not-LOL-fit Incursus and Slicer

Guess what? I wasn’t the Not-LOL-fit one. Might have even survived if his buddy in the Slicer hadn’t come along to help finish me off. But not likely, as I forgot to fit the cap booster in my cargo hold and so was quickly out of cap – no AB, no reps, dead. Facepalm.

Moving Day

Packed up most of my gear in Hevrice and it’s waiting for transport to the new Stay Frosty HQ (system security status: FALLING!). Also plexed up this morning to help fund my PVP and capitalize the alt’s indy work.

Life is good for a pirate!


I voted yesterday in the CSM elections, my first time. I had listened to some of the interviews – mostly the ones with Sugar Kyle, Fuzzy Steve and Funky Bacon. As a citizen (denizen?) of Low Sec space, I wanted to make sure I participated and voted for candidates that I thought would be good for the game and for us in Low Sec.

One thing I did try to keep in mind while I voted: I see EVE as a game, but more than that, it’s an ongoing exercise in collaborative Science Fiction. I actually love the lore and wish CCP invested in it a bit more, and is why I don’t think I’ll ever get much into the meta of Eve. Once you’re into the meta that deeply, it’s now Person-v-Person by way of EVE, not Player v. Player in EVE. This is why I did not vote for any of the nullsec bloc candidates (I left 4 places empty), though I did vote for a couple who operate in Null Sec. I feel like the large Nullsec blocs are moving too far into the Meta Of EVE and not playing EVE. Is it a clear, well-thought-out position? No, I’m not that smart, but it sums up my feelings about it.

Play EVE? Go vote. Sure it’s meta, but it’s good for you and good for EVE the Community.