Cool: 4 in one day

Actually got on 4 whole kills yesterday: a personal record. Woo!

Mostly unfit possibly-afk Rifter

This guy simply wasn’t paying attention. In Costolle (0.2) in a FW plex. Oooops. (Update: checked the stats on this guy and yeah, he was a total noob. Will have to reach out and say hi.)


I hate those dual-repped Incursii. Helped finish him off after Holly worked on him for a while in her Slicer. NorwegienDarkess did something with his Merlin. 😛


I got final blow on this somewhat more robust than usual tormentor, but Holly and I shared most of the work. Not a lot or work, mind you, but still.

Do Tormentors creep you out too? That grin…

The straw that broke the Thrasher’s back

I got a very few hits in on this Thrasher that Holly basically killed, so go me, another KM!

A fun roam with Holly and NorwegianDarkness.