Credit Where Due: On Logi and Links

Caveat: I’ve only been playing Eve for… 4 months, but this is an issue that interests me and thought I’d jump off of a post that the Gevlon put up today (but seems to have been removed, not sure why).

This fix allows adding Logies to kill reports. If Charlie dies, everyone on his limited engagement list goes to the kill report. You can only get limited engagement if you attack Charlie or if you rep someone he was shooting at.

Not to get into the suspect status of Logi pilots (an issue but not one I want to address), Logi pilots play an important part in our combat system and obviously don’t get the credit they deserve on the killmails. Killmail is not the be-all-end-all in Eve, but it’s an invaluable tool to combat pilots. We learn:

  • What went wrong in a fight
  • What went right
  • Who played what part in a kill or battle
  • What a pilot prefers to fly
  • What role a pilot plays (i.e. tackle – low or no damage and weapon in KM is a tackle mod – web or scram)

A killmail not only provides intel on opponents, a pilot’s combat history provides a prospective corp the opportunity to learn about a pilot and their combat effectiveness.

Logi pilots are relatively few and far between, and (as far as I’ve been able to determine) they get no credit on killmails if they don’t pack a secondary weapon system like drones. This is not a new topic, and one that has been brought up before. Hopefully CCP can take a look at this, knowing they’ve been recently getting their hands on the killmail system again.

Which brings us to the topic that many pilots in the Famous Pirate Corp(tm), Stay Frosty (of which I am a proud member) will stand up and support: Links (Boosts) in Killmails.

I suspect there are many and conflicting opinions on links being reflected in killmails. PVPers who use them to “solo” other pilots don’t want to lose their “solo” kills. FCs in large fleet ops are often (always? usually?) running Warfare Links to boost the fleet’s resistances, tackle effectiveness, etc. These would also show in killmails. Boost pilots or alts may or may not want their identity publicized, depending on their role.

As a low-sec “pirate” (though not an entirely effective one yet) I’ll say that I want link pilots to show up in killmails. Patrick Kasper and Jamie James are great pilots, but they’re also pilots who often (typically?) run with a boost in-system. I know what to expect when I see Jamie in local, but I don’t believe that a boosted kill should be considered “solo”.

(And yes, for now I’m ignoring the messy territory around implants and drugs.)

Update: I’m told by one of Patrick Kasper’s corpmates that he does not usually fly with links. I had been told he did, but had not verified. My apologies.