It’s good to have a goal

So, Bossman Rixx Javix is an incredible idea guy, artist, and designer. A while back he started a great series of trading cards based on Eve’s Famous Pirates.

Being a relative newbie myself in the Greatest Pirate Corp in EVE, I thought it would be fun to set myself a long-term goal: fight as many of the pirates in Rixx’s set as possible (preferably one-on-one). I have no expectation of winning very many of these encounters (or any!) but what better way to learn than to fight the best?

Crake Gaterau

So, Crake is not (mind bogglingly) on Rixx’ list of Famous Pirates so far, but his Crake’s skill with the humble Atron is very well known around Verge Vendor and many locals have died to his hybrid guns.

I was prowling around Ouelletta this morning and saw that Crake was in local, and an “Atron named Atron” could be in that small plex… I landed and sure enough, it was Crake. At one point in my career I’d have warped off, but I started button mashing (adrenalin, you suck!), locked him up, and started the pew.

Drones droning, check. Rails cycling, check. His shields dropping, check. His armor dropping… check. My shields gone. Hm. My armor dropping… expected. Cycle the AAR. His armor gone… no. Am I not applying DPS? He should be way further in armor or hull. Now I’m in hull (not looking good), AAR is keeping pace, further in hull… Ok, this did not work. Click the warpout tab. Capsule Ejected!

The overview collapsed – oh shit – damn shaky hands double-clicked the tab. Open the tab!! Find anything! Click — Activing Clone — Oh, fudge.

This was NOT unexpected, warping into Crake. However, I thought I’d do a bit better. In post-op convo, Crake noticed I was using Spike – good at range, shit when you’re in the thick. Facepalm. If I’d remembered to load Anti-matter (I was carrying it) I’d have either won or forced him to disengage (his words). In addition, I couldn’t seem to keep my web activated (shaking hands again) or the Hobs would have probably done more of a job on him.

GFGF, and I look forward to the rematch!

Update: BAM!