Are you just fiddling around with me or what?

Ok, so I fit up a Merlin (my first) with MWD and dual scrams, just to see if I could land me a plexer in our home region of Verge Vendor. I don’t normally fly squid ships (I’m with Jester, love me something green covered in blasters) but I heard that the Merlin was at least a blaster ship and I had one sitting in my hangar unassembled, so I looked around for a fit that worked for me. A corpmate gave me this fit, which I tweaked for dual scram, and headed out with a small fleet of Frosties this morning.

I’m in Melm, and several other of my Friends from Hevrice showed up in local so we started bouncing between the small, medium, and large plexes in system, trying to catch something. Cloaky Rifter (really dude?) stayed cloaky, there’s a Condor on dscan in the Medium, and one of our guys had toussled with a Stabber earlier in the day that was now in system. Couple Incursii showed up once or twice.

But that damn Condor. Dropped in on him in a small plex – no cloak, so props for that. But he’s 30+ clicks off the warp-in and by the time I’m within 15 of him he’s warping off. I and two other Stay Frosty pilots chased him around Melmaniel for 20 minutes. He’s always 30-50 off me every time I warp in. Even in the large, with no accel gate to mess me up, I tried warping in at 10, 20, 30, 50.  Every time he’s 30-40 clicks from me.

Finally he doesn’t run. But it’s worse as he just keeps range at 30km *and doesn’t shoot*. I finally warp off, feeling like an ass.

That. Damn. Condor.

Before docking up to go to work I check his profile – playing since 2006. So, an 8-year vet. Why is he playing games in FW space? No idea, but I hate him.