Dying Left and Right (take 2)

Bug in the WordPress app ate the last version of this post. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Finally got some proper sit-down Eve time last night. Settle into the comfy chair, keyboard and big screen. Friends to play with.

I was still wired into my current fav ship, a gift Comet. I don’t fly them normally as they’re overly pricey for my ISK ratio, but Cryptomeria was a kind (if violent) soul and hooked me up. I had had a couple good fights in it so far, fitted with T2 rails, Spike, AB, and some tanky stuff.

Have I mentioned I’m still pretty new at Eve and haven’t learned what ship names match to what?

Don’t land at 0 on a Blaster Cormorant. He was sitting on the warp-in in a medium plex. I thought I might have time to scope him out or pull range before oh, locked, scram, web? Oh, he’s bigger than… pop. Goodbye best comet.

Got the pod out, head back to Hev, meet Gwen on the way and decide to roam with her for a while. Tristan-up and head out. We cross paths with some plexers who won’t stay still (or visible), and manage chase a Comet around Indregulle. We pause at the sun for a bit to get bearings, and there’s the Comet again, with a friend. In the Novice plex.

Being bored and frustrated, Gwen and I go all in and land at around 8k from the Comet we had been chasing. New guy, no prob, right?

Hm, his buddy is good. Gwen calls the buddy primary but goes down fast. 2v1, I follow not long after. Kiting Tristan v drones and rail Comet? Derp.

We both fly pods back to home-town Hevrice, licking our wounds.

Then Jean-Paul finds a missioning Naga on scan in Aeschee, and several of us decide to fleet up and go try and give him a bad night. Gwen in another Tristan, me in a Cockbag Thrasher (largest thing I had in hangar), Zed in.. I forget. We hung out at the Jov/Aeschee gate while Jean went in with a scanning ship to scan down the Naga.

He’s gone. *Sigh*. I spend the rest of the night bored, roaming around, looking for a fight in the Thrasher. Not trying to lose it, though expecting to, but hoping to test the alpha before doing so. No dice, no fun, nobody at home in 8 systems. Time for bed.


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