The GFs: Incursii, Weak and Stronk Atrons, Voting

Things have been quiet around here as I haven’t had much time to fly, but there have been a few good fights… and my sec status is thousandths of a point from true -5.0.

Atron v. Noobtron

The award for best attitude goes to Clank Guerilla, who after getting killed by another Frosty the day before, convo’d me in Melmaniel last week asking for a 1v1 – Atron v. Atron. Sure, I say, and we met at a planet.

Clank died, fast. Very low skills but not awful fit for a new player. He asked good questions, listened to the answers, and I let his pod go after giving him some tactical and fitting advice.

A short while later, Clark has reshipped and is asking for another go. Mais bien sur I say, Sure enough, the second fight is longer and he does much better, having up-sized his rails, switched from disruptor to scram and added a web and plate. He still died, but was smart enough to warp his pod out quick (I told him I wasn’t going to spare his pod the second time 🙂 ).

Chatted some more after that and invited him to think about joining Stay Frosty if he liked the taste of PVP he got. 🙂

T2 Frigs v. Tristans

Not much to say about these two Tristans – Deltron Zi did most of the work, but I got to play with a new Taranis he had given me and that was fun.

Derpasaurus Rex

So, the Taranis was hugely fun to fly, has the resources for triple Neutron Blasters and is fast fast fast. But it soon died… to an explorer Heron of all things. Sad face. Stupidly had MWD fit, and between being scrammed and TD’d, couldn’t use the ‘ceptor’s speed nor could I hit the side of a barn. Thankfully, got the pod out and Holly avenged me a minute later.

Still Deltron did tell me I should go get it exploded, so I’m grateful for the gift and the encouragement not to waste it in a hangar. 🙂

Atron v. Incursus

Basic Atron versus tanky Incursus, but he wasn’t dual-repped and that (and the twin nano pumps) probably saved me, while he died and I tried to put out the flames on my hull. I had pulled range a bit when I landed (due to poor orbit range settings, not cause I’m like.. smart) and it caused him to pulse his MWD a couple times and take a lot more damage. Bob smiles on the stupid, and I collected a bit of loot and then extinguished the fires at a nearby station.

Atron v. Stronker Atron

Warped in on this Atron in a plex, switching from Null to Navy AM on the way in. Landed at around 5k, and immediately took holy hell damage. It went downhill from there, and I am again grateful to whoever taught me to use my Warpout overview tab.

I switched to AM while he switched to Null and took out my shield in 2 volleys, then ate my armor much faster than I could rep, twin nano pumps or no. pop. Convo’d afterwards, and his fit was almost identical to mine, but the Null plus a 3% turret damage implant simply overpowered me. Good lessons.

LOL-fit Incursus v. Not-LOL-fit Incursus and Slicer

Guess what? I wasn’t the Not-LOL-fit one. Might have even survived if his buddy in the Slicer hadn’t come along to help finish me off. But not likely, as I forgot to fit the cap booster in my cargo hold and so was quickly out of cap – no AB, no reps, dead. Facepalm.

Moving Day

Packed up most of my gear in Hevrice and it’s waiting for transport to the new Stay Frosty HQ (system security status: FALLING!). Also plexed up this morning to help fund my PVP and capitalize the alt’s indy work.

Life is good for a pirate!


I voted yesterday in the CSM elections, my first time. I had listened to some of the interviews – mostly the ones with Sugar Kyle, Fuzzy Steve and Funky Bacon. As a citizen (denizen?) of Low Sec space, I wanted to make sure I participated and voted for candidates that I thought would be good for the game and for us in Low Sec.

One thing I did try to keep in mind while I voted: I see EVE as a game, but more than that, it’s an ongoing exercise in collaborative Science Fiction. I actually love the lore and wish CCP invested in it a bit more, and is why I don’t think I’ll ever get much into the meta of Eve. Once you’re into the meta that deeply, it’s now Person-v-Person by way of EVE, not Player v. Player in EVE. This is why I did not vote for any of the nullsec bloc candidates (I left 4 places empty), though I did vote for a couple who operate in Null Sec. I feel like the large Nullsec blocs are moving too far into the Meta Of EVE and not playing EVE. Is it a clear, well-thought-out position? No, I’m not that smart, but it sums up my feelings about it.

Play EVE? Go vote. Sure it’s meta, but it’s good for you and good for EVE the Community.


Cool: 4 in one day

Actually got on 4 whole kills yesterday: a personal record. Woo!

Mostly unfit possibly-afk Rifter

This guy simply wasn’t paying attention. In Costolle (0.2) in a FW plex. Oooops. (Update: checked the stats on this guy and yeah, he was a total noob. Will have to reach out and say hi.)


I hate those dual-repped Incursii. Helped finish him off after Holly worked on him for a while in her Slicer. NorwegienDarkess did something with his Merlin. 😛


I got final blow on this somewhat more robust than usual tormentor, but Holly and I shared most of the work. Not a lot or work, mind you, but still.

Do Tormentors creep you out too? That grin…

The straw that broke the Thrasher’s back

I got a very few hits in on this Thrasher that Holly basically killed, so go me, another KM!

A fun roam with Holly and NorwegianDarkness.

Credit Where Due: On Logi and Links

Caveat: I’ve only been playing Eve for… 4 months, but this is an issue that interests me and thought I’d jump off of a post that the Gevlon put up today (but seems to have been removed, not sure why).

This fix allows adding Logies to kill reports. If Charlie dies, everyone on his limited engagement list goes to the kill report. You can only get limited engagement if you attack Charlie or if you rep someone he was shooting at.

Not to get into the suspect status of Logi pilots (an issue but not one I want to address), Logi pilots play an important part in our combat system and obviously don’t get the credit they deserve on the killmails. Killmail is not the be-all-end-all in Eve, but it’s an invaluable tool to combat pilots. We learn:

  • What went wrong in a fight
  • What went right
  • Who played what part in a kill or battle
  • What a pilot prefers to fly
  • What role a pilot plays (i.e. tackle – low or no damage and weapon in KM is a tackle mod – web or scram)

A killmail not only provides intel on opponents, a pilot’s combat history provides a prospective corp the opportunity to learn about a pilot and their combat effectiveness.

Logi pilots are relatively few and far between, and (as far as I’ve been able to determine) they get no credit on killmails if they don’t pack a secondary weapon system like drones. This is not a new topic, and one that has been brought up before. Hopefully CCP can take a look at this, knowing they’ve been recently getting their hands on the killmail system again.

Which brings us to the topic that many pilots in the Famous Pirate Corp(tm), Stay Frosty (of which I am a proud member) will stand up and support: Links (Boosts) in Killmails.

I suspect there are many and conflicting opinions on links being reflected in killmails. PVPers who use them to “solo” other pilots don’t want to lose their “solo” kills. FCs in large fleet ops are often (always? usually?) running Warfare Links to boost the fleet’s resistances, tackle effectiveness, etc. These would also show in killmails. Boost pilots or alts may or may not want their identity publicized, depending on their role.

As a low-sec “pirate” (though not an entirely effective one yet) I’ll say that I want link pilots to show up in killmails. Patrick Kasper and Jamie James are great pilots, but they’re also pilots who often (typically?) run with a boost in-system. I know what to expect when I see Jamie in local, but I don’t believe that a boosted kill should be considered “solo”.

(And yes, for now I’m ignoring the messy territory around implants and drugs.)

Update: I’m told by one of Patrick Kasper’s corpmates that he does not usually fly with links. I had been told he did, but had not verified. My apologies.

It’s good to have a goal

So, Bossman Rixx Javix is an incredible idea guy, artist, and designer. A while back he started a great series of trading cards based on Eve’s Famous Pirates.

Being a relative newbie myself in the Greatest Pirate Corp in EVE, I thought it would be fun to set myself a long-term goal: fight as many of the pirates in Rixx’s set as possible (preferably one-on-one). I have no expectation of winning very many of these encounters (or any!) but what better way to learn than to fight the best?

Crake Gaterau

So, Crake is not (mind bogglingly) on Rixx’ list of Famous Pirates so far, but his Crake’s skill with the humble Atron is very well known around Verge Vendor and many locals have died to his hybrid guns.

I was prowling around Ouelletta this morning and saw that Crake was in local, and an “Atron named Atron” could be in that small plex… I landed and sure enough, it was Crake. At one point in my career I’d have warped off, but I started button mashing (adrenalin, you suck!), locked him up, and started the pew.

Drones droning, check. Rails cycling, check. His shields dropping, check. His armor dropping… check. My shields gone. Hm. My armor dropping… expected. Cycle the AAR. His armor gone… no. Am I not applying DPS? He should be way further in armor or hull. Now I’m in hull (not looking good), AAR is keeping pace, further in hull… Ok, this did not work. Click the warpout tab. Capsule Ejected!

The overview collapsed – oh shit – damn shaky hands double-clicked the tab. Open the tab!! Find anything! Click — Activing Clone — Oh, fudge.

This was NOT unexpected, warping into Crake. However, I thought I’d do a bit better. In post-op convo, Crake noticed I was using Spike – good at range, shit when you’re in the thick. Facepalm. If I’d remembered to load Anti-matter (I was carrying it) I’d have either won or forced him to disengage (his words). In addition, I couldn’t seem to keep my web activated (shaking hands again) or the Hobs would have probably done more of a job on him.

GFGF, and I look forward to the rematch!

Update: BAM!

Are you just fiddling around with me or what?

Ok, so I fit up a Merlin (my first) with MWD and dual scrams, just to see if I could land me a plexer in our home region of Verge Vendor. I don’t normally fly squid ships (I’m with Jester, love me something green covered in blasters) but I heard that the Merlin was at least a blaster ship and I had one sitting in my hangar unassembled, so I looked around for a fit that worked for me. A corpmate gave me this fit, which I tweaked for dual scram, and headed out with a small fleet of Frosties this morning.

I’m in Melm, and several other of my Friends from Hevrice showed up in local so we started bouncing between the small, medium, and large plexes in system, trying to catch something. Cloaky Rifter (really dude?) stayed cloaky, there’s a Condor on dscan in the Medium, and one of our guys had toussled with a Stabber earlier in the day that was now in system. Couple Incursii showed up once or twice.

But that damn Condor. Dropped in on him in a small plex – no cloak, so props for that. But he’s 30+ clicks off the warp-in and by the time I’m within 15 of him he’s warping off. I and two other Stay Frosty pilots chased him around Melmaniel for 20 minutes. He’s always 30-50 off me every time I warp in. Even in the large, with no accel gate to mess me up, I tried warping in at 10, 20, 30, 50.  Every time he’s 30-40 clicks from me.

Finally he doesn’t run. But it’s worse as he just keeps range at 30km *and doesn’t shoot*. I finally warp off, feeling like an ass.

That. Damn. Condor.

Before docking up to go to work I check his profile – playing since 2006. So, an 8-year vet. Why is he playing games in FW space? No idea, but I hate him.

Dying Left and Right (take 2)

Bug in the WordPress app ate the last version of this post. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Finally got some proper sit-down Eve time last night. Settle into the comfy chair, keyboard and big screen. Friends to play with.

I was still wired into my current fav ship, a gift Comet. I don’t fly them normally as they’re overly pricey for my ISK ratio, but Cryptomeria was a kind (if violent) soul and hooked me up. I had had a couple good fights in it so far, fitted with T2 rails, Spike, AB, and some tanky stuff.

Have I mentioned I’m still pretty new at Eve and haven’t learned what ship names match to what?

Don’t land at 0 on a Blaster Cormorant. He was sitting on the warp-in in a medium plex. I thought I might have time to scope him out or pull range before oh, locked, scram, web? Oh, he’s bigger than… pop. Goodbye best comet.

Got the pod out, head back to Hev, meet Gwen on the way and decide to roam with her for a while. Tristan-up and head out. We cross paths with some plexers who won’t stay still (or visible), and manage chase a Comet around Indregulle. We pause at the sun for a bit to get bearings, and there’s the Comet again, with a friend. In the Novice plex.

Being bored and frustrated, Gwen and I go all in and land at around 8k from the Comet we had been chasing. New guy, no prob, right?

Hm, his buddy is good. Gwen calls the buddy primary but goes down fast. 2v1, I follow not long after. Kiting Tristan v drones and rail Comet? Derp.

We both fly pods back to home-town Hevrice, licking our wounds.

Then Jean-Paul finds a missioning Naga on scan in Aeschee, and several of us decide to fleet up and go try and give him a bad night. Gwen in another Tristan, me in a Cockbag Thrasher (largest thing I had in hangar), Zed in.. I forget. We hung out at the Jov/Aeschee gate while Jean went in with a scanning ship to scan down the Naga.

He’s gone. *Sigh*. I spend the rest of the night bored, roaming around, looking for a fight in the Thrasher. Not trying to lose it, though expecting to, but hoping to test the alpha before doing so. No dice, no fun, nobody at home in 8 systems. Time for bed.